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Over the years, Robert has received reco

In 2005, Robert wrote an op-ed on the front page of the Sunday Opinion section of the L.A. Times.  Titled “Shedding Stigma of the ‘Psycho’ Straitjacket,” this piece won 1st place at the L.A. Press Club Awards the following year.  It also established Robert as one of the first men in this country to write openly about his own battles with psychosis.  While many men have discussed their bouts with depression, few have ever revealed their struggles with hallucinations and delusions, and even fewer have done so with such clarity and insight. 


In the years since, Robert penned a remembrance of his late psychiatrist, Dr. Michael McGrail, in 2007.  He also wrote an op-ed about homelessness, mental illness and civil rights in 2008. The latter won honorable mention in the commentary category at the L.A. Press Club Awards.

Mental Health Advocate

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